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Real Life Disney Girls ✷

            ∟ Jirka Väätäinen

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"I Did My Homework" - Music Notes Online

Check out the homies’ most recent video “I Did My Homework.” Music Notes Online specializes in teaching math concepts through music. It is great resource to motivate and encourage students inside and beyond a classroom. I use it in my own class and it inspired my own students to make their own math raps! Please reblog and spread their work to fellow educators, students, friends, and family!

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Stunning patterns created by artist Mikhail Sadovnikov 

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Spring Training, Scottsdale, AZ: SF Giants vs OAK A’s

Spring Training, Scottsdale, AZ: SF Giants vs OAK A’s

"Thinkin Bout You" written by Frank Ocean.
↳ original [x] live on snl [x] hobbie stuart [x] yuna zarai [x]

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Angelina Jolie opens a school for girls in Afghanistan, 2013.

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Vanity Fair’s 2008 ‘Hitchcock Hollywood Portfolio’

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Katy B – Drunk In Love/Vulnerable (Cover)

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